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Therapy in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania

Get the help you need with marriage and family therapy from the licensed psychologist, Larry Montemurro, Ph.D. at the Laurel Counseling Center in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania. Counseling services are available for families and individuals.
Managing Behavior
Therapy begins with learning to manage the undesirable behavior associated with the presenting issue. Therapy progresses to incorporating higher levels of personal fulfillment, joy, and peace of mind.
Therapies & Testing
Problem Focused Individual/Relationship Therapy – Seeking Solutions to Presenting Issues
Insight Oriented Therapy – Exploring Underlying Psychological Elements of Behavior
Psychological Testing – Sometimes Helpful in Gaining Additional Personal Insight
Male Therapist Talking with Patient - Depression in Mount Pleasant, PA
Insurance & Payment Plans
Most candidates who choose to invest in psychological counseling will utilize medical insurance to pay for these services. For those without insurance, a free initial consultation and affordable payment plans are offered.
Choosing a Therapist
There are several qualified and experienced therapists in our community. Should you engage any of us, we trust that your experience will be a positive one. Your choice of a specific therapist will depend on the style, therapeutic approach, and personal qualities you value in that person.
Couple Having Consultation in A Therapist - Marriage Therapy in Mount Pleasant, PA
Making Changes
If you choose the Laurel Counseling Center you will encounter a therapist whose responsibility is to respect the dignity and worth of each individual patron. People are empowered to engage the elements of quality and capability in their personal style. This will contribute most to generating the changes they desire.
Although an appropriate diagnosis of any psychological condition is important, Dr. Montemurro believes that finding labels is not as important as
finding solutions

Contact Larry Montemurro, Ph.D. at the Laurel Counseling Center in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania, for more about the counseling services provided that include marriage and family therapy.